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Through the Villages Race


Will be held on the  4thNovember 2018

Short history and key selling points of the 35th “Through the Villages” Race!

Begun in 1984 with the help of the local ‘Bobby’, Police Constable Keith Lynch who helped on safety issues with the proposed course, the “Villages” as it is known follows an 8 mile 778 yard route. Just less than 8.5 miles of scenic road running or as some competitors would say the race from hell on hills - the course is ideally suited to road or fell runners. Admittedly the start at the Dressers Arms’, Wheelton does have over a mile climb to reach St. Johns School, Brinscall and the first turning to take runners down through Brinscall and past the Quarry. The sharp climb on Twistmoor Lane for approximately 500 metres is taxing at race pace but then the route ambles down to Abbey Village (3 miles point) before the long climb to the Hoghton Arms and further still to climb up Bury Lane to reach the 6 mile mark. A fast descent onto a flat but fast Railway Road gives some relief-I am sure you are definitely interested in taking part now

  Looks are deceptive though because as you turn again you suddenly experience the delight of the climb back to St. Johns and the undulating climb to THE Pylon- the marker to say you are now onto the very fast and furious downhill to the finish on the Dressers Arms car park. Clearly, after the above brief description you are definitely hooked! 

  The race has become a cult event with many athletes travelling great distances to take part, so what attracts them?

 It’s scenic, hilly, tough, very well marshalled and very friendly. So, why the limit of 400? The decision was taken so all runners could be fed free of charge with our world famous hotpot donated by volunteer village residents and of course the medals and great prize list. Our marshals are some of the most experienced you can find in the UK, many having been helping for well over 30 years. We are very lucky to have the support of all who have owned the Dressers Arms’ and allowed us to use their car park for the finish. As those who have entered previously know we have superb support from RAYNET (radio mobile support), John Schofield and family’s result service and Chorley Angels First Aid and from Tony Bolton who has supported this race for longer than he can remember.

 Some myths 

1. The Army Commandoes who came to take first team prize thought the start was down hill, they came 10th team (True

 2. We pay for International Athletes to come; a group of Russians once tried this (Untrue about payment, True about the team trying it on. All monies raised goes to the Village Hall as the Charity.)

. 3. The course record 42 mins 47 secs has nearly been broken in the past 27 years (Untrue)

 Hopefully, this has whetted your appetite to take part in this ARC Permitted race; you can enter online using www.ukresults.net or www.bookitzone.com OR simply download the entry form from this site.
Enjoy the “Villages’”, you will surprise yourself!

 Terry Dickenson 15 June 2017     

Christmas Craft Fair

Christmas Craft Fair

 We are planning a Christmas Fair on the 17th November 2018 

If there are any stall holders interested please contact us via 

Facebook ASAP. 


Easter Eggtravaganza